"Where the Fleet Goes,
We've Been"

“A people who do not honor the deeds of their worthy dead will do nothing worthy of being honored by their descendants.” - Macaulay

Frank B Kelly

Frank Kelly attended Notre Dame and was commissioned in the Navy on 12/21/1942, following NTS at both Harvard Univ and Ft Schuyler NY, and he attended the NCTC at Little Creek, VA. His records indicate he was released from active duty on 1/22/1946, and discharged from the Navy reserve in October, 1954.

He was employed in Jacksonville, Fl in the building material trade until his untimely death following choking on his food on Dec 25, 1961. His wife, Mary, passed on in 1983. His daughter was born in 1952 and his son in 1954. Both live in Georgia. He did not mention his Military Service very often according to his children, and they can not add to the brief info found on his separation papers.

His DD-214 shows the following vessels on which he served:
a) YMS -17
b) USS Limpkin (AMC-48)
c) USS Swerve (AM-121)
Ratings (ranks) held were: Ens., Lt (jg), Lt.
His qualifications certificates held:
a) Communications Officer aboard ship
b) Mine Squadron Staff
c) Deck (?) Staff Signal Officer
His awards were:
a) American Campaign Medal
b) European campaign Medal – 1 star
c) World war II Victory Medal

I have sent for an updated DD-214 to see if additional info might show up.
Mike Brown ….. (His daughter’s husband)


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