"Where the Fleet Goes,
We've Been"

“A people who do not honor the deeds of their worthy dead will do nothing worthy of being honored by their descendants.” - Macaulay

Frisby, Bigelow G. Jr.

Bigelow Gilbert Frisby was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, on April 17, 1911, to Bigelow and Grace Bishop Frisby. Shortly after his birth Grace passed away.  He was raised by Aunt Elvira Frisby. Upon graduation from Appleton High School he worked for Pettibone’s Department Store. Eventually he joined his dad and step family in Picayune, Mississippi. Here he worked for Goodyear Yellow Pine Company as an electrician with his dad.

In 1940, he married Veda Jean Spikes of  Poplarville,  MS.

During World War II he served in the US Navy as a Fireman First Class. On July9,1944, his ship, Swerve, was sunk and  he was killed in action.  His daughter, Barbara, was born September 9, 1944. Jean, his wife never remarried. Her remark about this was, “I can’t find anyone like him.”  She was a special education teacher in Picayune Public Schools. In December of 2003 she passed away.

“Gee”  as he was called by family and friends, would have had two grandchildren, Daphne and Darrin, and three great grandchildren, Trey, Sean, and Madison.

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