"Where the Fleet Goes,
We've Been"

“A people who do not honor the deeds of their worthy dead will do nothing worthy of being honored by their descendants.” - Macaulay

Allison, William W.

Allison, Wison W.

Wilson Jr., always called just 'Junior' by his family, was born April 2, 1922, in Jackson, Tennessee.

He was the eldest child and grand child of his family. Prior to entering service, he was employed as a pipe-fitter for the Illinois Central Railroad at Jackson, Tennessee. This was an occupation considered essential to the war effort and therefore would have been deferred from the draft had he chosen to ask for it. His choice to enlist was indicative of the patriotism of many young men of the day.

Junior married in May of 1941 to his wife Catherine. Junior and Catherine had one child, William Wilson III or 'Buddy' as he was called. He was born March 29, 1944. He was a beautiful child but tragically contracted meningitis, a disease in that time nearly always fatal, and died January 29, 1945. His father was aware of his new son but never got to see him.

Family members today well remember the day the family was notified of Juniors' death, my mother, his aunt, felt toward him like her own son.

wilson and wife

The family never completely recovered from the news of his death. His father, also an employee of the railroad, died at a young age in 1956. His brother went on to be a successful realtor in the Sarasota, Fla. area and worked in many charities. His wife Catherine remarried to a returning veteran of the war, and though she never had more children, has a very successful and happy life.

This biography and photograph was provided by Jerry Bumpus of Jackson, TN


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